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7.5 Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme

This chapter was introduced into the manual in August 2011.

The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme is managed by West Midlands Police Force and provides a formal procedure for any person to ask the police for information about the convictions of an individual who may have contact with a child or children.

The applicant (person making the application) will need to make direct contact with the police and provide information about their concerns and their relationship to the child(ren) who may have contact with the individual subject to the information request.

The police force receiving the information request will undertake enquires with a variety of safeguarding organisations (Children’s Social Work Services, other police forces) to inform their decision on whether there is any information of concern to disclose to protect the child(ren).

Any disclosure of information will be done so in accordance with law and to the person who is best placed to protect the child or children and can act upon any information that is shared with that person. This is usually the parent, carer or guardian and not necessarily the person who made the application.

By children may become aware of a relationship between a child and a person with convictions for sexual offences of which they had not previously been aware.

The scheme has the fundamental objective of safeguarding children and does not replace existing information sharing processes used by partner agencies in the area of Child Protection.

Protocol between West Midlands Police and Children’s Social Work Services

The LSCP has agreed a protocol between West Midlands Police and Children's Social Work Services in the event of a disclosure required.

Click here to access the CSOD Protocol.